Game development

What does game development mean?

Game development means that a certain person or group develops or makes a video game for computers, smartphones, consoles, etc.

Why do I think video game development is important?

Video games can be used already now, not only for relaxation and enjoyment but also for learning and making simulations. Of course, this will be done even better in the future with a stronger effect on the population.

Why is the development part also important?

By developing, a person can learn programming and logical thinking in a very fun way.

Unreal vs Unity? 

A lot of people say that Unity is better than Unreal and vice versa. As I found out, I think Unreal is a little too difficult for a beginner, but it all depends on the person. I think Unreal Engine is better for developing larger and more graphically realistic games or well-known ones, while Unity Engine is more for smaller game creators (“indie-game developers”).