What are microcontrollers?

Microcontrollers are like small computers that can be programmed and connected to different components (eg motors, sensors, etc.). We know several different microcontrollers. These are Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Red Pitaya, etc.

What are microcontrollers used for?

Microcontrollers are used for various automated everyday projects (e.g. watering flowers), IOT projects (internet of things), and for digitizing homes into smart homes. They can also be used to learn the basics of electronics and programming.

What is an Arduino?

Arduino is one type of microcontroller that is very cheap and at the same time very powerful.

What kind of Arduino circuits do exist?

We know several types of Arduino circuits. The most famous Arduino circuit is the Arduino UNO, which is quite small and at the same time large enough for most Arduino projects. There is an even larger version, the Arduino Mega, which is physically a slightly larger circuit than the Arduino UNO, but can hold much larger programs, and has more digital and analog pins. Smaller versions of the Arduino circuit are Arduino NANO, Arduino Micro, Arduino Pro Mini, Arduino Zero, Arduino Leonardo, etc.